Our History

KBC History

A brief timeline has been compiled of the history of Kalgoorlie Baptist Church. If you are aware of additional information or changes, please advise us via email.



The Early Days - Kalgoorlie Baptist Church

October 1898 – First worship service of the Kalgoorlie Baptist Church, held in the Friendly Societies Hall in Porter Street.

Early 1905 – Despite a positive start, the Kalgoorlie Baptist Church closed due to dwindling numbers.

1920 - The demise of the more vibrant Baptist church in Boulder came after instability with the departure of Rev Miles. The church building was sold to the Seventh Day Adventists and the manse was sold.


Modern Era - the 'new' Kalgoorlie Baptist Church

29 July, 1965 – 6 people, including Mrs Irene Thomas, still a member of our congregation, met to discuss starting a fellowship, which was officially welcomed into the Baptist Union in November that year.

18 September 1966 - Official inauguration of Kalgoorlie Baptist Church. Rev. Colin Ruck was the first pastor and he ministered for 7 years.

17 March 1973 – Official opening of the new Kalgoorlie Baptist Church building – a small transportable constructed in Perth and relocated.

February 1974 – John Power, student pastor, later ordained, ministered for 3 years.

1978 – Rev. Les Leske came to Kalgoorlie from Elizabeth in South Australia.

1987 / 1988 – Rev Eric Holland & his wife Lyn came to Kalgoorlie from ____

-       Youth Group run by Lyn Dawson (nee Ansell)

Mar 1991 – Extensions were started on the transportable to give a large meeting hall with a baptistery, store room, an office, crèche and foyer.

-       Youth Group run by David & Ann Spencer, Gary Lewis, Peter van der Pol

July 1991 – Church extensions were finished in time for the wedding of Danny & Steph Waters (now with Vision FM, Brisbane)

1992 – Started building a new Manse at 22 Cavalier Cres, Fairways.

1992 / 1993 – 1st Kalgoorlie Girls’ Brigade started with Miriam Smout as Captain

Feb 1993 – Allan, Sandy & Joshua Thomas arrive, Allan was a student pastor.  They lived in rental accommodation while the manse was being built.

-       Glenn Crouch was appointed Assistant Pastor while Allan finished his studies  (Only for about a year)

Mid 1993 – Allan & Sandie Thomas moved from a rental property into Cavalier Cres

27th June 1993 – 32nd Goldfields Boys’ Brigade Induction Parade with Peter Walker as Captain

6th Nov 1994 – Rev Allan Thomas was ordained.

1994 / 1995  – Kalgoorlie Baptist Church sold Cavalier Cres and bought 1 Salisbury Rd as a Manse.  Allan & Sandie moved into Salisbury Rd.

11 Aug 1996 – Dedication of the land and new building project to the Lord  (Gary Hollis turned the dirt)

21st & 22nd September 1996– 30th Birthday celebrations (& write up in the Kalgoorlie Miner)

Aug 1996 - Aug 1997– Church centre built – auditorium, kitchen, offices, meeting rooms and carpark.  

? 1996 – Allan & Sandie bought their own home and Salisbury Rd was rented out

10th August 1997- First service in the new building

February 2000– Goldfields Baptist College opened at the Kalgoorlie Baptist Church with classrooms in the old, lower church building, the new building, 1 Salisbury Rd and 2 transportable classrooms in the yard of 1 Salisbury Rd.

July 2000– Golden Mile Baptist Church started

2002– Small Youth Group (about 8 people) met in a garage and dreamt of building a Youth Ministry

March 2003– Aashish Parmar volunteered as a Youth Leader to start SILO, an outreach to the youth of the Goldfields.  After SILO, the girls and boys met separately in 2 Home Groups before combining to form “Ignition” later in the year under the leadership of Aashish  

2003 – “Kidz Biz” started (run by Vaughan Pirie)

Oct 2004– Goldfields Baptist College moved to its new premises at Bull Way.

-       1 Salisbury Rd was sold by KBC to Leanne & Shane Webber

July 2005 – The Embassy Kids Church started in the lower building (run by Helen Kenny, Children's Worker)

?? – Aashish Parmar was appointed Youth Pastor

?? – Aashish Parmar was appointed Associate Pastor

2009 – New auditorium completed – the first event held in the church was the wedding of Pastor Aashish Parmar to Louise Wilson.

Jan 2010 - Embassy Kids Church moves to the old church auditorium.

Dec 2010 – Pastor Allan Thomas, Sandie, Josh, Amy & Emma moved to Parkeville Baptist Church.

Jan 2011 – Aashish Parmar was appointed Senior Pastor

?? Josh West appointed Youth Pastor

Dec 2012 – Aashish, Louise & Micah Parmar moved to Ellenbrook Baptist Church

January 2013 – December 2014 – Interim Pastor John Randell

January 2014 to present – Pastor Eliot Vlatko, previously worship pastor at Inglewood Community Church moved to Kalgoorlie with his wife Sandy and sons, Joshua and Steven.

December 2015 - Josh, Marlene and Thomas West moved to Tasmania

January 2016 - Estian Meyer takes on the role of Youth Worker

December 2018 - Estian Meyer steps down as Youth Worker

January 2019 - Nathan Conway takes on the role of Youth Worker

September 2020 - Nathan Conway steps down as Youth Worker

October 2020 to present - Tim & Sarah conway take on the role of Youth Workers