Jonno & Heather Crane

Jonno & Heather Crane


Jonno and Heather Crane moved to Mozambique in 2002, and since then have been stretched, challenged and amazed by God's power.

Learning the Portuguese and Yao languages and Yao culture was the first step, and the learning continues. Living in Mozambique is vastly different to living in suburban Perth or Sydney. They have been confronted by the desperate spiritual, social and physical needs of the Yao people.

Spiritually, the Yao retain the beliefs, perspectives and practices of African traditional religion. Day-to-day choices are governed by the spirit world and physical events such as illness and death are seen as a direct result of spirit activity.

Through interaction with Arab traders in the 1800s, the Yao people adopted, in addition, Islamic beliefs and practices. Muslim leaders have considerable influence in communities. Few Yao people in Mozambique have heard the message of Jesus in clear terms relevant to their overwhelming physical and social needs. Of which hunger, poverty, poor health care, limited education and the AIDS pandemic are key factors.

In this context, Jonno and Heather are learning to minister in ways never previously experienced, particularly in praying for the sick and spirit-oppressed. They understand that in their own strength they are completely unable to break through the darkness, but by totally relying on God's love, grace and power, lives can be changed, both now and for eternity situation.

Jonno was previously an elder here at KBC. The Cranes are sponsored through Global Interaction.