Kalgoorlie-Karnataka Mission

Kalgoorlie-Karnataka Mission

Karnataka, India

Karnataka is one of the southern states in India which has 27 districts. It has a population close to 53 million. The literacy rate among males is 66%, and females 57%. Bangalore is the capital of the state and is well known for its information technology corridor.

83% of the population is Hindu, 11% are Muslim, 4% are Christian and Jains, Buddhist and Sikhs form a minority of less than 2%. Karnataka is also the home of some of the forest dwelling tribals like the Soliga, Jeru Kuruba and Yerava tribes.

The gospel has been preached in this state for over 100 years, but the ground has been very hard. However the Word of the Lord has not been defeated and in the past 50 years there has been an increase in the number of people accepting Christ as their Saviour. As the major population is Hindu, they are very receptive to the idea of Jesus as one of their many gods but when it comes to accepting Jesus as their only Lord and Saviour the people are reluctant. God has worked in these hearts over the years and now there are evangelists who are from Karnataka itself. Isn’t that fantastic, they speak the language and they are accepted by their people!

The Lord has placed the important task of evangelism to all of us, and these evangelists have committed their lives to serving the Lord Jesus and are now doing fantastic work in many of the districts, towns and villages in Karnataka. They are commended by the local church and have gone to places not easily accessible by all, and have started home churches, and bible studies. As a result of their ministry, many local people have come to know Christ Jesus and are baptised.

Karnataka holds a very important place in the economic future of the country, but sadly is represented by very few Christians. It’s a great opportunity to partner with these evangelists who are at the grass root level doing the work that many of us can’t do, or won’t be accepted to do, by the local people. Let’s join our hands and hearts together and pray for these great soldiers of the gospel.

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