Cathy and Vaughan Pirie

Cathy and Vaughan Pirie

Cathy and Vaughan Pirie are missionaries with OMF. Vaughan previously attended Kalgoorlie Baptist Church for many years, as well as being a teacher at Goldfields Baptist College. Two years ago Cathy and Vaughan adopted their son Nathan.

Gotcha Nathan:

At 6:10pm on Tuesday, January 23rd 2013 Vaughan and I were exercising at the local sports oval when my mobile rang. It was our Thai social worker. We had been matched with a 2 year old boy called Nattapong! He was in an orphanage in Udon Thani (near the Laotian border the furthermost orphanage from us). I promptly burst into tears. The wait was over.

After 4 years of praying and waiting we had a son. Vaughan & I rushed home, turned on the computer and downloaded photos of Nattapong. How we longed to hold him in our arms.The next morning I phoned the social worker to ask when we could start visiting the orphanage (assuming we needed to make visits over the next several months). She said we could pick him up on the following week! As you can imagine the week leading up to our flight to Udon Thani was hectic. We meet Nattapong for the first time on Thursday, January 31st. One of his first words to Vaughan were “Papa, pick me up”. You should have seen Vaughan’s face! We took him back to the hotel on Friday, February 1st. We flew to Bangkok on Sunday, had our meeting with the Thai adoption board on Wed. Feb 6th and fly back to Nakhon Sii Thammarat on Thurs. Feb. 7th. We decided to give Natthapong the English name “Nathan” which means “gift of God”. Each day as we learn more about Nathan we see how God has chosen him to be part of our family. Everyone says he looks like Vaughan. They even have a similar sense of fun and humour.

The Pines

Vaughan and Cathy are Guest house managers at the Pines whichis approximately 4.5 hours by car from Bangkok City located on the beach 13kms south of Prachuabkhirikhan town on the Gulf of Thailand. In February 2014 took over the position of Guest house managers at the OMF Guesthouse in Prachuap (about 500kms north of Hua Sai!) It involves supervising a staff of 8 & providing practical and pastoral care to around 800 visitors per year to the Guesthouse.

After much prayer & consideration, we felt at the end of 2013 that God was calling us to the role. We feel that for this season, it would be a good move for our family. Unbeknownst to us, God has been preparing us for this position. Way back in 2008 we relieved the managers for a fortnight and enjoyed it. We never thought God would call us back! Our current plan is to continue widespread evangelism here, as well as one to one follow up of those we’ve built a friendship with.

The Guesthouse is located on the coast and can accommodate up to 40 people at any one time. For more information on the facilities look up Thailand Havens. It is used mainly by Christian workers in Thailand and other parts of South-East Asia from Mongolia to Indonesia and parts in between. The facilities give people the opportunity to rest and recuperate before returning to their work.

Their role consists of managing bookings, organising a staff of 8, organising maintenance of all buildings, performing all administrative tasks, and ensuring the facilities are ready for guests. The role also involves pastoral care and encouragement to guests to ensure their rest time is a positive experience.