Asaph Studio

Visitors to the Goldfields are often very surprised to discover that, right here at KBC, we are blessed with a state-of-the-art professional recording facility:

Asaph Studio! Inspired by another of our homegrown “renovation rescue” teams who clubbed together to create our locally famous Hope Café, the Asaph Studio crew soon after followed suit and also pooled their resources of time, finance, expertise, sweaty hard work and passion for music to produce this wonderful creative space. Local techies Brett Watchorn, Luke Wilson and Aidon Slaney have contributed their time and efforts as in-house sound-engineers-in-training during the first few years since Asaph opened. By early 2020, however, none of these fine men were available and with the COVID lockdown in force, Asaph Studio had to be closed and has remained dormant until…the arrival of Brenton Meynell and his Barefoot Bands community of top-shelf sound engineers, who have taken on the operation of Asaph Studio! This is a hugely exciting development, as we now have the experienced people available, who are already familiar with the equipment that Asaph offers.

Bookings and Enquiries can be made by contacting Brenton on 0423 114 290.

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