Life Groups

At KBC, Life Groups are the hub of community, fellowship, discipleship and growth. It is when small groups gather, often in the welcoming atmosphere of people’s homes, that people feel comfortable to engage with others, study God’s word and share one another’s burdens.

These are places that new people can really connect with our church family on a deeper level.
We invite you to give life groups a go and see how God will grow you!


Peter and Helen O’Sullivan: Monday Evenings

6.30pm Hope Cafe

Peter and Helen are salt of the earth people who are like the ‘Mum and Dad’ of KBC. Friendly, welcoming and encouraging, the O's are beside the people in their group as they do live together, through the joys and challenges. Their foundation is on the word of God and model what having a relationship with Jesus looks like. They are faithful KBC servants - Helen as the KBC administrator and Peter serving as a Deacon. Such a valued pair! You will get some great insights by being part of this group.

Sarah and Tim Conway:
Monday Evenings

6.45pm Victory Heights

Tim and Sarah head up the Youth Group “Ignition” and their Life Group reflects this by supporting the Youth and Young Adults of KBC. You can’t miss Sarah with her sweet pommie voice, but don’t be fooled she is an energetic and adventurous lass, keeping up easily with Aussie Larrikin Tim, camping and 4WDing!! Their “joie de vivre” (Joy of Life) is contagious, and along with Bill the wonderdog, encourage all they meet to press deeper into what God has for them. 


Gary and Marie Hollis: Tuesday Evenings

7.30pm Fairways

Gary and Marie have been here in the Goldfields for a loooooooong time and have seen many changes over the years. They are pillars in the KBC fellowship and been involved in Boys and Girls Brigades and they have served in many aspects of Church Life. If you are looking for the “Pure Gold” of the Goldfields, well, here it is, in the hearts of this warm and wonderful couple. 

Chrissy Hadfield:
Tuesday Mornings

9.30am Victory Heights

Chrissy has been a stalwart of the church for so many years we have lost count. She is passionate about helping women to connect with the Word of God. 

She encourages other women to seek out fellowship and establish life relationships/friendships that are enriching.  Her women’s life group is suitably called “Nourish”. Chrissy is involved with Pregnancy Problem House here in Kalgoorlie, a vital ministry to women and families under stress, and a ministry that KBC is very honoured to support. 

Justin & Kelly Fare:
Tuesday Evenings

7pm, Victory Heights

Justin & Kelly epitomise hospitality! Even their children are great bakers, and the church has sampled many of their "Fare Wares" over the years. The Fares are delightful, witty and really love the word of God. We encourage the 30 to 40 year olds to connect with the Fares and be drawn into their fellowship. You will be well fed in more ways than one!

Helen and Paul Kenny: Wednesday Evenings

7pm Boulder

Helen and Paul have been into everything, literally, everything in KBC ministry over several decades in the Goldfields. From being the force behind Hector and Hope the Puppet duo, to dressing as a first century shepherd narrators, leading children’s ministry and being involved in men’s ministry and governance of the church, this couple have done it all with big grins on their faces! KBC would love to bottle their energy!! Their Homegroup is not scared to chew on some deeper topics and are gifted in drawing people into fellowship.


Megan and Lance Henderson: Wednesday Evenings

7pm Piccadilly

It has been a pleasure for KBC to see a past KBC attendee (Megan), leave the family nest, to travel and study and then come back to her roots, bringing with her a lovely husband. Lance also has deep history in the Goldfields and this gorgeous couple can be seen singing and playing drums at Sunday Services, and encouraging the young adults to connect and network. Megan and Lance have much to offer and with the burgeoning young adult scene, play a pivotal part in making them welcome to KBC. 

William and Eileen Seloka: Wednesday Evenings

7.30pm at Hope Cafe

William and Eileen host this warm and welcoming group with the help of Dawn and Brian Hadfield. William is KBC's newest Deacon, he and Eileen were born and raised in PNG and the group has a family feel because of their quiet and loving ways. 

Dawn & Brian served as missionaries to the Aboriginal people and recently finished a language dictionary for local aboriginal people.  Dawn has served as CE teacher in local primary schools and with children’s ministry, Brian in prison ministry, and so much more – they have a heart for discipling people in their faith in God and sharing life and their resources in ways that impact the lives of others.

This group is filled with people from all walks of life and cultures – such a beautiful example of kingdom community. You will be welcomed here!