You wouldn’t think that maintenance is a mission or a ministry. But it is! Without good stewardship of what we have, houses (and churches) fall down!! We have two complexes here on our KBC site. The Upper building that houses the main auditoriums for Church, the Church Offices and Children’s Ministry’s, and the lower building housing Hope Cafe, the Art Room and Asaph Studio (a fully functioning recording studio). Both sets of buildings are starting to show their age and need some love and attention. 

From time to time we ask KBC church members to be a bit hands on and available for Busy Bee Clean Up Days (gardens and exterior) or be involved in a project to paint and freshen up a space.  Please let us know if you are one of those dear souls that love to fix things, as we would love a list of a few guys to give the deacons a hand at upkeep. 

KBC members are also very good at giving each other a hand when needed. It’s that feeling of family that makes worshipping at KBC so special.