Local Missions

Pregnancy Problem House

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be difficult, even when life is going well. When the timing isn’t right, or there are problems to face, it can be confusing, frustrating, frightening, even overwhelming. The stress and emotions can make it tough to think clearly, get good information and make good decisions. There can be pressure from people, circumstances, and even inside yourself. If you are struggling, please know you are not alone, and that you are safe with us.

Pregnancy Problem House specializes in helping women and couples find solutions. We offer non-judgmental understanding, accurate information, and personalised care.
Whatever you decide, whatever you discover, whatever happens, we are here for you. All our services are free, caring and confidential.

Please call us on 1300 200 406.  
Website Link: https://www.pregnancyproblemhouse.com/
PPH Kalgoorlie is located at 13 Charlotte Street, Kalgoorlie.

Shalom House

Restoring the Lives of Men, Women and Families.

Shalom House is a residential rehabilitation centre located in the Swan Valley in Perth Western Australia. Shalom House Kalgoorlie is planned to open in 2022, God willing, after many years of prayer, hard work and preparation. KBC supports Shalom House with financial giving, prayer and practical support where possible.

Shalom House offers a holistic rehabilitation program that focuses on bringing restoration to all areas of the resident’s life, including finances, relationships, heart issues, employment, education, and training for the future. Their program is practical and hands-on, ensuring that residents and all involved in Shalom are valued and contributing members of the community. They offer their services to anyone with a life-controlling issue, whether it be an addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol or people with anxiety, fear or emotional trauma.

Shalom House rehabilitation centre in Perth is founded on Christian Principles and at present caters for over 140 people across ten properties, staffed by qualified and trained personnel. Their staff and volunteers do their utmost in caring for our clients, making them and their progress our priority.

Please visit Shalom House’s website to https://www.shalomhouse.com.au/ to find out more about their important ministry.

YouthCARE School Chaplains

Each year YouthCARE help thousands of students, staff, and family members in Western Australian public-school communities by providing an essential social, emotional, and mental health support service.

YouthCARE chaplains are there to listen and provide a supportive place to talk. We offer confidential, non-judgmental pastoral care and programs based on respect, compassion, and service. YouthCARE chaplains are trained in pastoral care, with ongoing training opportunities provided to specialise in critical incidences, community members living in isolation and mental health initiatives.

YouthCARE’s aim is to support young people and their communities who may be facing challenging personal and social issues. We listen, understand, and refer to extra help if it’s appropriate.

YouthCARE Chaplains are placed according to an individual school’s needs after undergoing a rigorous application process including qualification assessments, interviews, reference checks, internationally recognised vocational psychological screening and a comprehensive 3-day induction training.

Please visit YouthCARE’s Website to find out more: https://www.youthcare.org.au/chaplaincy/

Vision Christian Media

KBC supports Vision Christian Media through annual giving. The local Vision radio station is 1431AM so if you are new to the Goldfields, tune in for uplifting listening.

Vision is a non-profit charity that has been working hard to bring the good news of the Gospel to Australia for over 30 years. Each day hundreds of thousands of Aussies across the country turn to Vision for encouragement, good company, support, Christian teaching and music and a Biblical perspective. They help people connect faith to life.

Ministries of Vision

  • The Word for Today – devotional
  • Vision Christian Store – Christian Resources
  • Vision 180 – support for teens and young adults
  • Vision Christian Prayer - phone or submit your prayer request on the website

Please go to Vision’s Website to check out all they have to offer: https://vision.org.au/