KBC Prayer Groups

Wednesday 7am at Hope Café

At KBC we believe that prayer is essential for followers of Jesus and for His Church. Each week we gather to pray for our church, our people and ministries, our community, our nation and the world. It is not our words that make a difference, but the power of God that is released when we pray – to move mountains, to break chains, to heal the sick, to set captives free, to renew strength, to calm the storms, to bring hope and life!

You are welcome to come and pray with us, or just to sit in the presence of God if you don’t feel comfortable to pray. 

Wednesday at Goldfields Baptist College at 8.15 - 9am in the Staff room
Join with us in prayer at GBC as we pray for the College, staff, students, families to grow and thrive.

Saturday mornings at 8am - 9am at Hope Cafe
For those who can't make it during the week, this is an opportunity to pray with and for our KBC family. 
All are welcome, and if you can't be there, your prayers at home are greatly valued.

Prayer Requests
If you have a prayer request, you can email admin@kalgoorliebaptistchurch.com.au

You can also call the Vision Prayer Team on 1800 772 936 (9am – 7pm AEST) – part of Vision Christian Media.