Goldfields Baptist College

Goldfields Baptist College is a ministry of Kalgoorlie Baptist Church, with visionary church members sensing God’s call to provide Christian education for families in the Goldfields.

Established in the year 2000, Goldfields Baptist College continues to grow, build and care for the students, families and staff who are part of the GBC community.

The College stands firmly on a Christian foundation, and strives to provide a quality 21st century education, within a Biblical world view and in accordance with the Australian Curriculum.

Goldfields Baptist College

The College Mission:

We are creating an educational community that is being transformed by the Truth of God’s Word.
We are nurturing and equipping each person for life, empowering them to be thriving contributors in the world.

The College Motto:

Growing • Belonging • Caring

GBC currently caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, with a single stream in the Primary College. Enrolment numbers are around 280 students, with approximately 40 staff, who are dedicated to engaging their students in dynamic learning experiences.

Parent involvement is encouraged and the GBC Parents & Friends partners with the College through fundraising, events and supporting the staff and students. The College is actively involved in the wider community, participating in service, sporting, cultural and social events and engaging with the various churches.

The College has modern facilities, including classrooms, playgrounds, a community hall, sporting facilities including a new playing field, science lab, food techonolgy, canteen and refurbished library.

GBC celebrated 20 years of operation in 2020, with acknowledgement of those who have invested finances, time, energy and talent over the years to benefit the College and Kingdom of God. Countless lives have been impacted by this ministry, and we continue to give thanks to God for those whose vision pioneered the College, and for all who have contributed over the years, and pray that this work will continue to flourish, building God’s Kingdom for generations to come. 


GBC Association

The GBC Association is made up of members who support the Christian ethos of the College and are involved in a local Christian church. The GBC Association elects the Board members who have oversight of the Principal and strategic direction, compliance and responsible management of the College. All Christian churches are encouraged to support and pray for the mission of GBC. 


The GBC Board is made up of elected members who are from Kalgoorlie Baptist Church and other churches in Kalgoorlie-Boulder who have skills, knowledge and a passion for serving the College. The Board’s role is to oversee the strategic direction of the College and to ensure the Principal is supported in her management role. The Board has a positive working relationship with the College and constantly seeks God for wisdom and direction. The Board is continually looking for people to join the GBC Association, the body from which Board members are elected, to ensure continuity of governance in a very transient place. Please speak with the Board Chair for more information.

Board Chair: Danielle Thompson
Secretary: Helen Kenny
Treasurer: Pastor Vaughan Pirie
Board Members: Judy Nolan, Janelle Thompson
Board Pastor: Ps Vaughan Pirie


Marisa Johnson is the Principal at Goldfields Baptist College and her door is open to welcome all who would like to discuss any queries or ideas.

GBC Commissioning Service

At the beginning of each school year the normal KBC service is held at GBC where time is allocated to praying for the board and staff of the College, commissioning them for their important roles in serving at GBC for the year ahead. This service helps strengthen the integral link between the College and Church. In 2023, the service will be held at the school on Sunday 29th of January @ 10am.

Contact Goldfields Baptist College

4 Maguire Street, O’Connor, KALGOORLIE WA
Ph: (08) 9022 7535